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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Radio Guru Shares Radio Resources with Authors

One of the complaints I hear from my clients is the time it takes to scrounge up appropriate resources for radio gigs--and everyone loves the ease and effectiveness of doing radio, right?

Fran Silverman is a recognized expert on radio with a huge reference book in print published by McFarland (just in case one of these categories isn't a fit for your book). However, she also has less expensive and targeted books of resources by genre or subject matter available that she keeps updated. I thought it important that you have the one best suited to your title so I asked her to send me the rundown. At first glance, these categories seem more suited to nonfiction writers, but they can work for fiction writers--and even poets--by following the advice I give in The Frugal Book Promoter. That is, to reread one's literary book for the angles or broader topics at work within in it.  Here is the information I asked Francine to share with you:

The following ebooks for radio guests are available. Each entry contains show title, host name, theme, guest criteria, email, website, phone and Best Method of Contact – everything a potential guest needs before contacting a host. To order any of the e-books, please contact Fran at franalive@optonline.net.

Animals ($12 for 42 shows) - Covers animal advocacy, health, care, competition, communication, behavior, longevity, dog relationships, pets and the paranormal, pet peeves, wildlife, training,
shelter and rescue.

Authors ($12 for 64 shows) - Covers writing, editing, publishing, marketing, literary agents, Christian authors, author spotlights; genres include thrillers, suspense, action/adventures, novels, teen/YA, romance, poetry, science, historical, baseball, screenplays, songwriting.

Business ($25 for 261 Shows) - Covers workplace issues, innovation, entrepreneurship, business strategies, careers, finance, small business, sales, home-based businesses, law, investments, insurance, money management, customer service, and real estate.

Entertainment ($15 for 172 Shows) - Covers art, fashion, movies, music and comedy.

Environment ($12 for 37 shows) - Covers green lifestyles, sustainable communities, conservation, cleaner energy, natural healing and medical remedies, environmental news, non-toxic living, wildlife, and activism.

Food and Travel ($12 for 64 shows) - Covers grilling and barbecuing, wines and spirits, tea, chefs and recipes and raw food, parties, special event planning; all kinds of travel: budget, frequent, upscale, good deals, cruises and medical and health tourism. 

Health ($20 for 161 Shows) - Covers healthy living and lifestyles, fitness, health as a business advantage, natural healing, alternative medicine, medical travel, issues, education and treatment, and overcoming adversities.

House and Garden ($12 for 25 shows) - Covers gardening, growing vegetables, going green, home improvement, repair, and remodeling, healthy home design trends, buying and selling homes, feng shui, organizing vegetable gardens.

Men and Women ($15 for 67 shows) - Covers chick lit books, female and Christian entrepreneurs, fun for women over 40, men's comedy, girl's math and science, women empowerment, life makeovers, interesting women, women's health, parenting, women's ministries and spirituality, women in business, medicine, politics, gay, lesbian and transgender issues.

New Age - ($20 for 200 Shows) - Covers astrology, metaphysics, Tarot, Angels, psychic development, paranormal, parapsychology, holistic health, healing, mysticism, occult, and mediums.

Parenting ($15 for 60 shows) - Covers parenting issues and pressures, education, security and safety, family life, parenting parents, health, home-school, child development, schooling, charter schools, mom entrepreneurship, home birth, adoption, marriage, military moms, single mothers, childhood cancer, and money management.

Politics ($20 for 190 Shows)- Covers current events, conservatism, Christian conservatism, liberalism, Libertarianism, government, pop culture, U.S. Constitution, Tea Party movement, democracy, the military and labor.

Relationships ($15 for 72 shows) - Covers dating, relationship strategies, weddings, marriage, sex and divorce.

Science and Technology ($12 for 49 shows) - Covers hardware, software, wireless communication, clean energy technology, nanotechnology, engineering, film and video production, biology, astronomy, geology, robotics, physics, and outer space.

Self-Help ($20 for 217 Shows) - Covers personal and professional goals, growth and empowerment, emotional freedom techniques, motivation, creativity, living one's calling, making for a better world, transforming your life and self-realization.

Sports ($15 for 101 Shows) - Covers wrestling, biking, gaming, fantasy sports, golf, fitness/health, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, thoroughbred racing, hunting, fishing, camping, birding, hiking, skiing, kayaking, and performance.


“Talk Radio Advocate” Francine Silverman is a multi-published author, publicist, radio host, newsletter editor and compiler of 16 e-books of talk radio shows. To view the e-books, please visit http://www.talkradioadovate.com and click “E-books."

PS: There are more tips and suggestions for making radio work for your marketing campaign in The Frugal Book Promoter and and in Fran's book Talk Radio Wants You!  just in case you plan to go at marketing with radio with a vengeance or just to become the best possible radio guest.
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