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Named to "Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites," this #SharingwithWriters blog is a way to connect with my readers and fellow writers, a way to give the teaching genes that populate my DNA free rein. Please join the conversation using the very tiny "comment" link. For those interested in editing and grammar, go to http://thefrugaleditor.blogspot.com.

Submission Guidelines for SharingwithWriters

 Submission Guidelines for SharingwithWriters Blog

Submission Guidelines for SharingwithWriters Blog

This blogger/blogspot page is here to guide any writer, reader, or publisher with something to say they believe will be of interest to anyone in the publishing industry--or have resources that will benefit their careers. Please know that I have blogs dedicated to editing-related topics (https://frugaleditor.blomspot.com)  and for those who want to share a review of a book they have read with a similar interest (https://thenewbookreview.blogspot.com). All genres and publishing processes are welcome. It is, after all the new book review. With thanks to Author Donna Schlacter who discovered I had missed guidelines for submitting to this one, my first blog, SharingwithWriters (https://sharingwithwriters.blogspot.com).

To Submit:

Using the broad suggestions above:
1. Include a title for your guest post. I may have to change it to appease the Google algorithms gods.
2.Include a general topic: Anything to do with writing other than editing and reviews. I have separate blogs for those (See above).
3. Type your byline, exactly as you prefer to see it used. (I reserve the right edit for style and formatting purposes.
4. I have no restrictions for word count of your essay/post. Make it as long or as short as needed to say what you have to say. I also have no objection to reprints your work. I.E, exclusives are not necessary. 

      Note: If you need help with projects like this or would just like to know
      more about what I call "recycling" to save time with your marketing efforts,   
      you'll find more on the topic in the flagship book from my #HowToDoItFrugally  
      Series of books for writers, "The Frugal Book Promoter,"    

5. Put an ample credit line for you or your projects at the end of your post in an an "About Today's SharinwithWriters Guest." Include links.  I will shorten or change to appease those same Blogger/Google algorithms. 
6. If you would like, send a headshot and/or descriptive image. Depending on her health, one of my associates might use the images you send to produce a blog banner which you may use for your own social networking purposes free of charge. You may copy and paste it from the published blog or from the image I send to you when I send the permalink for the blog to you.
7. Send it all in one email post to me at HoJoNews @ aol dot  com. Without the spaces, of course. Use SHARINGWITHWRITERS SUBMISSION in the subject line.
8. It is not required, but it is appreciated if you do a modicum of networking using the permalink and banner mentioned above. Perhaps a mention for it will work well in your own blog.  
Please note that that the permalink will not work until the publishing date of your specific post. 

Thank you,

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