Monday, July 20, 2009

Writers Need Time Management about as Much as Anybody!

Usually a I reserve book reviews for my The New Book Review blog.

Unless they are reviews of books about writing or book promotion.

Or unless I think it is a book that can help writers with their careers.

Guess, that's part of the fun. Especially for those of us with journalism backgrounds where out editors called the shots. With blogs, we all get to do pretty much what we feel like doing. With our readers in mind, of course. (-:

Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day by Karen Leland and Keith Bailey is a book made for today’s hurly-burly work environment. Many writers--even those who work at home--find it challenging to avoid distraction, stay focused, use their time and energy to maximum benefit, and gain ground on important goals and outcomes. One study by the Families and Work Institute found that one-third of Americans are overworked and more than 50 percent of those surveyed say they are either doing too many tasks at the same time or are frequently interrupted during the workday – or both. In short, we are overloaded!

Time Management In An Instant helps the reader to overcome this feeling of overload and avoid the traps that lead to an unproductive relationship with time. It offers field-tested time habits and expert advice based on the latest research that will help the reader better manage, create and spend their time with more satisfaction and results.

Successful authors are often asked about their process. When do you write? How do you keep from being distracted. A question they often ask me is how I make time for both promotion and writing. These questions are all good but each of use is made of different stuff. What works for me or for Stephen King may not work for others. This book tackles the problem with essentials that you can apply to your individual situations.

Go for it!

Special Offer

When you buy a copy of Time Management In An Instant the week of July 20th and receive a free license to the Essential Email online course. To buy the book and claim your bonus, or just to buy the book go to: Here is a little about Essential Email: While email is the most widely used communication tool for business, its remote nature - which eliminates tone of voice and body language - presents a huge potential for mischief, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation. This online program will help you go beyond basic email etiquette, to the proven principles and practices for gaining mastery and saving time over your electronic mail box.

Author Bios

Karen Leland and Keith Bailey are the bestselling authors of six books including Time Management In An Instant: 60 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day. The two authors are partners in Sterling Consulting Group; an international management consulting firm. They are the bestselling authors of six books, which have been translated into ten languages. Karen and Keith have worked with over 200,000 executives, managers and front line staff in companies throughout the world including: American Express, AT&T, Oracle, Microsoft, Xerox, Marriott Hotels, IBM, Lucent Technologies and UPS. They have been featured in dozens of newspapers including: The New York Times, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Newsweek and Time. They also have extensive on-air experience and have been interviewed on The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America and Oprah. Karen is a frequent contributor to magazines and newspapers and has written for The San Francisco Chronicle, Sales and Marketing, Incentive, Women’s Day, Self and many others.


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