Saturday, June 27, 2009

Green Expo Book Pavilion To Help Authors Promote All Year Long

As many of your know, I was born Green. Nearly as green as Kermit.

And now I will be a host to publishers, literary agents, authors--anyone who considers themselves Greenies--at the Book Pavilion at the Green New Media Life Expo.

Kindle readers and e-books, bring on the video interview!

The series of Green New Media Life Expos will include Book Pavilions at all venues of the Expo. Anyone in the publishing world who considers themselves green (and most should!) may feature themselves at the expo and the new media technology that is part of the Expo package will continue to broadcast their books and services online long after the trappings of the festivities have been swept away. And, of course, that New Media technology will reduce their promotional footprint to help keep the environment green.

One of the neatest things about this is I get to play host to the exhibitors and guests and will interview many of the participating authors, publishers, printers and more for their own videos that are included in the reasonable cost of the booth space.

I have been interested in the environment since the 1970s and im also an official blogger for the Green New Media Life Expo ( I often feature green tips for authors in her Sharing with Writers online newsletter ( and on this blog.

The Green Expos will be held at the Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA; the Cal Expo Fairgrounds in Sacramento, CA, and the Pomona Fairgrounds, Pomona, CA--all this fall. The first is Sept. 12-13 at the Ontario venue. Well-known TV and Los Angeles radio host Rey Ybarra is producing the event. Sought-after Randy Detroit will coordinate the filming. Author Patricia Kokinos is coordinating publicity.

To get a green publishing message world wide contact
Rey Ybarra, 818-464-3726,
Gerry Fisher, 760-961-2728, 702-467-9411 cell,

To keep up with all things green and the coming Expos visit:
To follow my Green Expo and Green Book Pavilion blogs complete with green guests like VH Melville:

Anyone who would like to help pass the word, please know that support materials including articles on the benefits of new media video and more. Oh! Yes! You'll read more about those benefits in coming days on this blog!

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