Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Think Valentine's Day a Bit Early

My frequent poetry coauthor and I are thinking about not neglecting our Valentines this year. And we don't want you to neglect yours. Either your love or your associates or your customers.

Editor of Magdalena Ball is my poetry partner and, this Valentine’s, my poetry love. She set up the poetry chapbook we collaborated on last year at Valentine’s so it could be a free gift to Sharing with Writers subscribers (both the newsletter and this blog). Cherished Pulse is a beautiful e-chapbook, in no small part because of the artwork by Vicki Thomas and Maggie’s formatting skills. You could print it out on fine linen paper, staple it together, add a beautiful violet bookmark ribbon and have a very inexpensive valentine for someone on your list.

Or, you could just send the people you love the link and so they could enjoy it online. The link for the .pdf file is Pulse.pdf. (Note: it is only available at no cost until February 18.)

You could add the link to your blog or your newsletters as a gift from you to your subscribers and readers, too. We won’t mind. For we hope that people like our poetry enough to then--perhaps!--buy the new chapbook we collaborated on for one of the mothers on your list for Mother’s Day. Illustrated with May Lattanzio’s beautiful photographs, it is She Wore Emerald Then: Reflections on Motherhood now available on Amazon at .

Originally Maggie and I collaborated because we recognized that often Hallmark cards don’t quite say what we would have them say. A little too rhymey and too syrupy. Poetry (as opposed to verse), can be read by someone with a little more detachment yet still feel the love.

We hope you will take advantage of our free offer for Valentine’s and, if you think Maggie’s science-inspired or my nostalgic poetry will be appreciated by your audience or by someone on your personal Mother’s day list, you’ll support that chapbook, too.

Happy Writing, Promoting and Editing, too!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

PS: If you want to sweeten your poetry gift up, you could include a virtual bon-bon or the real thing--perhaps Lady Godiva.

PSS: My chapbook Tracings (Finishing Line Press) is also still available on Amazon and comes with the satin bookmark ribbon so you can have it shipped directly as a gift and have something that feels--well...artsy--arrive in someone's mailbox.

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