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Judi Silva Touts Book on How to Write Query Letters That Sell

I rarely run book reviews on this blog but occasionally I receive one that will help writers with either their craft or the business of writers. I've known this reviewer and the author of this book for some time and think it's important information. Besides, Query Letters That Sell will be a fine companion to my The Frugal Editor. I hope you'll order them both on Amazon at the same time and get free (that's frugal!) shipping. And even better, Judi Silva spices up this review with lots of other resources I know you'll love.

Title: Query Letters That Sell
Author: Mridu Khullar
My Rating: 5 out of 5

Reviewed by Judi SilvaReviewed

About five years ago I came across a site called WritersCrossing and the freelance writer who ran it Mridu Khullar. At the time she had an e-book called Query Letters That Will Knock Your Socks Off which she offered to writers like me who were just starting out in magazine writing. The letters and her advice were extremely helpful, as I have since sold my articles to several different magazines thanks to her.

Others have felt the same and have sent her comments like the following:

"Once again, I am completely blown away. Talent is one thing: people are born with it. Some use it, others don't. Skill can be acquired with some determination. But the ability to apply seat of pants to seat of chair combined with both talent and skill (and a wicked sense of humor) is a rare thing. Thank you so much for your sparklin' ebook. I'm loving it to bits. Knocked off? My socks are missing! Big thank you." - Marie

If you would like to be able to write query letters that will get you the writing jobs you're looking for, then visit the author at her new site where she is offering the query letters free for the asking. You will find Khullar very thorough with a dash of spice that she adds to her writing.

Below you will find a listing of the topics which are included.

The Idea Factory
A Closer Look at Your Life
Brainstorming Techniques
On The Market Hunt
Finding Markets
Finding Magazines You've Never Heard Of
Know the Market
Deciphering the Demographics
Shmoozing for Quotes
Hunting Down the Experts
Tuning In To Public Places
Pieces of the Puzzle
Hook 'em Right
Part of the Query
Get the Oomph
Off They Go
The Other Types of Queries
Additional Tips
Smart Querying

Also check out her other articles on Query Letters you'll find at Mridu's site:

5 Questions to Ask About Every Article Idea

Query Writing Mistakes to Avoid

The Stuff E-mail Query Letters are Made Of

And sample query letters, too.


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