Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Take on the B&N E-Book Foray

Promises, promises.

Once upon a time Barnes & Noble said it would have an e-book store. Then, in 2006, it backed off from the idea. But it’s b-a-a-a-ck!

It’s talking e-books again, probably because it acquired digital-minded Fictionwise for--are you ready for this? 15.7 million. And probably because competitior Amazon is going after e-book sales. The bad news is that B&N says their downloads won’t be compatible with either Kindle or Sony. And downloads from some other devices won’t work with Blackberries and iPhones (though B&N promises theirs will!).

B&N says they are working with another handheld called Plastic Logic. So that’s one more handheld device publishers and self-published authors will have to deal with.

Except for the e-book part, they’re all on the wrong track. Readers are customers. They just want access and they want it easy. They aren’t much interested in the petty competitions between giants. That’s what made the Net great. Access by all. Shouldn’t we be able to count on the smart guys to care about the end customer? Especially with one of the most successful models in all of history as a model?

Go figure.

PS: All my HowToDoItFrugally books are available on Kindle. (See www.budurl.com/FrugalEditorKindle.)I'm struggling to find time to get them ready for Sony and may never do it (I'm not that techy!). And now this. It's the cell phone snafu all over again. That's another column, but Europe's cell phone system beats ours by a long shot. Looks as if they'll have to take the lead in regularizing the e-book phenomenon, too.

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