Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Opportunity for Authors AND an Invitation to Listen

I found a lovely radio show that features authors' readings. It's Authors Read hosted by Lillian Brummet. There is nothing like hearing a story told the way the author intended it to be read… straight from the author’s lips is even better! Ditto for poems, which is what I'll be doing.

The Authors Read radio program is 15-minutes in duration and offers authors a chance to read from their published work for up to 12 minutes.www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsread

Frequently Asked Questions & Guest information available at www.brummet.ca/authors.html

Available dates are listed at the end of this letter. Lillian will send participating authors a copy of her monthly newsletter Brummet's Monthly. This will give authors an idea as to what we've have going on for that month. Or you can (probably should!) subscribe before you send Lillian a query letter so you'll know how you might contruct your query to best entice Lillian to have you as a guest.

Lillian promotes each segment of her radio programs on her blog, book tour site, MySpace site, in Brummet's Monthly and through social networking sites and writer's forums. For details, links to everything they do including the blog and newsletter, Frequently Asked Questions, and guest application process, visit: http://www.brummet.ca

Lillian also welcomes her featured guests to prearrange a prize for an on air contest. In the past we've offered prizes to the first person who e-mails us, or something similar.

Coming Authors include:

- July 6: Rick Glaze shares an excerpt from The Middle Fork
- July 11: Lily Stephan reads an excerpt from The Tenth Muse
- July 13: Susan Hoekstra reads an excerpt from her non-fiction business book: The Service Journey
- July 27: Lily Stephan reads from the second installment in her trilogy: The El-Eventh Hour - July 18: Dean Balderston reads live from his children's book: The Real Life Adventures of Anna & Saddie - Aug 3: B.M. Song reads an excerpt from her book of poetry: Liquid Reflections; A Stream of Fluid Prose
- Aug 7: Don Peavy shares an excerpt from his book: The One Becoming
- Aug 10: Mila Bernadkin reads from: The Attitude Girl
- Aug 17: Lian Gouw reads from her novel: Only A Girl
- Aug 21: Jane Stanfield shares an excerpt from Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation

All Authors Read shows are archived on www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsaccess.

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