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Friday, May 13, 2022

Wanna Be a Critic? Or Get Noticed by One? IWOSC to the Rescue!

Get Your Writing Noticed by Top Critics -
Or Become One Yourself

Wednesday, May 25
7 pm Pacific on Zoom

The old saying that "everybody's a critic" is more apt than ever. 

Writers must maneuver a world of hidden dragons that impact how their novel, script, or essay is received. Trends, platforms, inclusion, diversity equality / equity, social media presence, political polarization, and cancel culture influence our work in ways we can't avoid. Look at recent firestorms over J.K. Rowling, Woody Allen, Dave Chappelle and others. No one's work stands above the fray!

In addition to pleasing the critics, we'll also discuss the qualities that separate top critics of  books and other media from the mediocre - and what you need to know if you aspire  to join their ranks.

Here are some of the issues our panelists will address:

  • How does diversity, equality/equity, and Inclusion change the game for writers and their stories and films?
  • How do writers get the attention of the critics that matter?
  • What are the ethics of fair and unfair reviewing?   
  • Regarding cancel culture: is it possible (or even desirable) any longer to separate the art from the artist?
  • Is there even a role for the professional critic in today's world?
  • How can we break in and become a professional critic ourselves?

IWOSC's panel of experienced writers are:

RAY RICHMOND is a leadingentertainment journalist, critic, columnist, and author. His most recent bestselling book: the coffee table bio Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life
HERBIE J PILATO is a writer, producer,director, singer/
songwriter, and entertainment executive. He's written many books on iconic TV shows and personalities, and hosts his own TV show, Then Again with Herbie J Pilato.
DEBRA LEVINE is an internationallypublished arts journalist and commentator for institutions and television. She's also the founder and publisher of arts•meme, the fine-arts blog.
SAM BUNTZ writes in many venues: essays and think pieces for media outlets and his blog (The Muted Trumpet) as well as books, short stories, and songs (His group is the Carmelittles).
MEKEISHA MADDEN TOBY is a seasoned TV critic and journalist who writes for outlets like People, CNN, Shondaland, more. Her podcast TV Madness with Mekeisha Madden Toby has been broadcast since 2010.
Moderator TELLY DAVIDSON, IWOSC’s Director of Programs, is also a film and television reviewer. He's written Culture War: How the 90s Made Us Who We Are Today (Whether We Like It or Not). 

Free to IWOSC Members;  Non-members $15
Deadline for advance registration is noon the Tuesday before the meeting. 
We will not accept RSVPs after this time!
Register now for this panel
IWOSC Wednesday Panel
Monday, May 25, 2022
7 to 9 pm Pacific

The Zoom link will be sent to you after your RSVP & payment (if needed) is received.. Please allow up to a week for this, as the process is not automated. 

Save the link, or put it in your calendar.

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