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Friday, September 20, 2019

SPAWN Is Busy Helping Authors Get Reviews

Open to non-members
Room for 4 more books
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DEADLINE July 20, 2019

Get your book in front of 2,400+ legitimate book reviewers, Amazon reviewers, and book bloggers

Solve the mystery of getting a book in front of legitimate reviewers. SPAWN has the answers to these questions:

Where do I find these people?
What do I present to them?
Do I send a print book or ebook?

Feature your book in this service from SPAWN, 
open to members and nonmembers.

Sign up now and be part of New Releases from...
Deadline for next issue is September 30, 2019

Book must have been released during the last six months or will be released before October 2019.
View the August issue
Praise for New Releases from...SPAWN

"I never expected to receive such an amazing and heartfelt review, and I appreciate it so much." ~ Chuck Redman, author of A Cottonwood Stand

"In January  2019, at age  79, I published my first  novel, a memoir called I Slept In Hitler's Bed. I had no idea if it was marketable. I signed up for SPAWNS New Releases, and received 3 remarkable reviews, the last from Midwest Book Reviews, a 30-year-old organization that reviews for Educational Institutions and Libraries. SPAWN has placed my book out into the universe, and the feedback just as important to me, since it has confirmed that I am a writer." - Jay Balter

"As much as I am a do-it-yourself kind of marketer, one author can only do so much! SPAWN's outreach to reviewers got results--one of the best pay-for-help services I ever used!" ~ Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of How to Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically 

"WOW! We already received three book order from reviewers in less than 24 hours. Thanks, so much." ~ Bob Osland, Surepoint Publishing

Editors had a positive response to New Releases from SPAWN. One thing several wanted were unreleased books, those coming out in the Winter.

Plan your marketing for reviews at least 3 to 4 months in advance.
Reserve your space now!
Launched in March 2017, the newsletter goes out every quarter to over 2,400 book reviewers, Amazon reviewers, and book bloggers. The reviewer list is pulled from Cision, the premiere online media database company that updates its media lists daily and includes top publications, online and broadcast resources like NPR, daily and weekly newspapers that publish book reviews, and a host of freelancers and bloggers who review books.

Each participating author submits up to 75-word description of the book that starts with a catchy log line such as appears in the New York Times Book Review or online at Kirkus Reviews. Log lines are the concise one-sentence description of the book usually at the top of the review. We want these descriptions to sound professional and grab reviewers. Quick set and a grabber to get them to request the book.

View the last issue for examples.

Along with the description, an image of the book cover and a link for reviewers to request a book.

Fee and how to participate in the New Releases from... newsletter

     Option One:  $225 for one book description and cover. SPAWN members only $150 - non-members including membership

The New Releases from… newsletter goes out four times a year.

  • The next edition is October 2019.
  • This service is open for all books published within the last year.
  • Deadline for participation in the next issue is September 30, 2019.

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