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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Grab this Opportunity to be Published in this Award-Winning Tales2Inspire Anthology Series


(Many of you will immediately think of a teacher, but that teacher could be someone in or out of classroom, or even an event that impacted you deeply.)

Submit a moving story about that person or life changing event that impacted you deeply, and enter your story into this next Tales2Inspire contest. NO ENTRANCE FEES, this is an ‘Authors Helping Authors’ project. See all details at: www.tales2inspire.com/contest


* For guidelines on writing a winning story, Click here.

* To learn how to submit a story, Click here.

* To learn about winner rewards – What’s In it For You  Click here.

* To learn how stories are judged and how authors become part of that processClick here.

* For post-judging editing support, Click here.


Lois W. Stern
Lois W. Stern has been helping authors succeed since 2012 when she first created Tales2Inspire, an ‘Authors Helping Authors’ project/contest. She has now published seven books of amazing stories and works diligently to promote her winning authors. 

She encourages Tales2Inspire newcomers to first download the FREE Tales2Inspire sampler book, below. Not only is it a treat to read these stories, but it will give you a great idea of the type inspiring stories we like to publish.

To get your FREE sampler book of six inspiring stories written by winners of these contests. 

Click here.


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