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Saturday, February 21, 2015

E-Book Contest Might Increase Authors' Visibility, Crediblity!

Just thought SharingwithWriters visitors and subscribers would might want to know about this contest.  It's relatively new--the fourth annual. You know how important I think winning a contest is for the visibility of books.  You can find some of my favorites on my Web site's Resources for Writers Contests page.


Registration Page:



  1. Books will be pre-screened by KBR staff and our amazing review team. We will initially read the "Look Inside" sample (90% of your score) and Amazon book description (10% of score). We're looking for books with a compelling book description, but more importantly, books that "grab us from the beginning" and make us want to read more. The screening process is an indication of your potential buyers experience with your book, as subjective as that is. Book covers will only be judged to settle a tie.
  2. Your sample is enough for us to get a feel for the quality of writing and professionalism, and to get us excited to read on. Your book description should be compelling with zero typos. We recommend that you fix any typos on your book page and book file before submitting. 
  3. If your book passes "pre-screening" it will become a "Semifinalist" (20 max per category) and one of our top reviewers who love your genre will read the manuscript in its entirety. 

CATEGORIES: The Following Genres and Related Sub-genres are Welcome.

  1. Mystery/Thriller
  2. Romance
  3. Y/A
  4. Sci-fi/Fantasy
  5. Literary Fiction
  6. Horror/Suspense
  7. Non-Fiction

AWARDS: 7 category Winners will Receive $350 cash, and $900+ in promotion & tools.

  1. $350 Cash to Each Category Winner [Compliments of The Kindle Book Review ($200), Digital Book Today ($100), and bookdesigntemplates.com ($50)].
  2. $200 in Free Promotion from The Kindle Book Review.
  3. $150 in Free Promotion from Digital Book Today.
  4. $50 in Free "Group" Promotion from Digital Book Today.
  5. $50 in Free Promotion from KBoards.com.
  6. $448 in tools and training from Author Marketing Club [FREE 1-year Premium Membership ($149 value), and FREE ticket to a "Virtual Event" ($299 value) at authormarketingclub.com.
  7. A FREE book template (Awesome Print Templates starting at $37) compliments of "The Book Designer", Joel Friedlander, via bookdesigntemplates.com
  8. All Semi-finalists, Top-5 Finalists, and Winners will receive a Contest Badge.

HOW MANY BOOKS CAN I SUBMIT?: Authors can submit up to 2 titles max.

IMPORTANT DATES (Mark on your Calendar & watch your email/spam):

  1. Submissions Accepted: Feb. 1, 2015
  2. End Submissions: May 1, 2015
  3. Announce Category Semi-finalists: July 1
  4. Announce Top-5 Category Finalists: Sept. 1
  5. Announce 7 Winners: Oct. 1

LANGUAGE: All books must be written in the English language. 


All submissions must be in "mobi" format. This is the most commonly accepted Kindle format. You can get your mobi copy from your KDP account. Simply login to your KDP account, click "Bookshelf", and then click on your book. Next, scroll down to "7. Preview Your Book" and click on the "Download Preview Book File" link. Or you can go to draft2digital.com and get your MS Word doc professionally formatted to mobi for FREE. You do not have to publish at draft2digital.com to take advantage of their free formatting service. I highly recommend this site; their customer service is excellent. Please do not contact us regarding book formatting; we're going to be too busy reading to help you with this. If you have questions, contact KDP Customer Service, or draft2digital.com.

If you did not get a notification with complete rules from Kindle in your e-mail box you can subscribe here.

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