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Friday, March 08, 2013

Recovery Systems Institute Make It Easy to Promote Their Mission on the Web

I found today's guest blogger Cecild LaBore on Twitter. And that's at least in good part because of a tool she is using to send her message and resources about recovery far and wide on the Web. It's called Rebel Mouse and it is so automated. It could even supplant a newsletter targeted at supplying your audience with resources.  But I'll let her tell you about it--why and how she uses it.

Why We Made Friends With a Mouse

By Cecile LaBore

Social Media is all about making connections. Why make connections? To get the word out. That's simple. Finding and connecting with the people who might want to hear that word is more complicated.

The RecoverySI (Recover Systems Institute)  strategy is based on two things: Quality information and quality engagement. Engagement- the art of making connections- that's what Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and all the other Social Media tools make possible. Different tools are good for different things. Because of the "quality information" part of our strategy, we were thrilled when a brand-new tool emerged a few months ago: The Rebel Mouse.

The Mouse is what's called an "aggregation tool" in Social Media jargon. It doesn't require you to create a whole lot of new stuff (although it makes it easy for you to do so right there in the user interface, if you want to.) Rather, it takes the stuff you're already doing, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram, and brings it all together on one jazzy feed with its own URL and the name of your choice on it. Then you can:

  • Pick out exactly where you want it to grab content from- one or all of your existing Social Media tools
  • Refine exactly which content to grab using filters (keywords, hashtags, profile IDs, etc.)
  • Tell it which stuff to put up there right away and which to store in draft form for you to review
  • Add content from other providers and share administration tasks with other page managers
  • Customize the look and branding of your page
  • Add your page's feed to a website or blog
And it makes all those things easy to do- simple administration menus, drag & drop arrangement, click & pick options, etc.

So what did we do with the Mouse? Here's a few examples:

We created a lovely RecoverySI Rebel Mouse page for Recovery Systems Institute's own feed of Twitter tweets and Facebook posts. We got the good folks at Rebel Launch to make the lovely custom background for us using our branding ('Cause we're not that geeky, really. And no, it wasn't pricey.)

When we redesigned our website, we dropped a feed from that page right into our Home Page under the "Connect with RecoverySI" headline, highlighting our Social Media involvement and giving people lots of fresh, new quality information to click on. (It was really easy.)

We created special topic-based Rebel Mouse pages for our audiences: "RecoveryFriendlyWeb" for people recovering from addiction and their families; "AddictionRecoveryPros" for clinicians and other recovery professionals, and "RunningRehabPrograms" for program managers. We added feeds from friends on Twitter and Facebook who consistently post good content for those audiences. That promotes good engagement and adds more quality information to our mix. With Rebel Mouse's tools, they take us only a few minutes a day to curate.

We added the feeds from our topic pages to our website as well, on audience "focus pages" like this, and in our side bar links lists and resource menus.

The Mouse works for us because it lets us:

  • Add visual appeal to our website (aggregated posts all include images, headlines, video links, and other attractive visuals)
  • "Amplify" content across social media platforms: We publish a new article, our site automatically puts it on Facebook, Facebook hands it to Twitter, the Mouse grabs it from Twitter, we get 4 exposures right out of the gate.
  • Keep audiences engaged and interested with plenty of new and interesting things to click on in an attractive layout and format
  • Engage friends and colleagues as content providers- building good will, promoting our brand, and expanding what we call the "Recovery Friendly Web," (and, not incidentally, our audience.)
So if this sounds like a commercial for the Mouse, let me reassure you that I don't work for them. The service is free. It's worth checking out.

~More on RecoverySI:
The mission of RecoverySI is simple: We want treatment for addicts and families to work better! Our resources are focused on that purpose: to help with recovery. We help people seeking recovery and their families and friends prepare for successful treatment and maintain sobriety. We help treatment and recovery professionals build more powerful relationships with their clients and give them the resources they need to recover. And we help programs improve client engagement and retention, get better results from clinical systems, and keep their organizations healthy and functional in a tough, constantly-changing economic environment.

~More on the author Cecile LaBore, aadministrator of Recovery Systems Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learn more at www.recoverysi.com. Reach her at 505-695-1210.

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