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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Research Vs Inspiration for Writers

“Write What Inspires You!” was the subject line of a Christmas greeting I received from writer and longtime subscriber to this SharingwithWriters newsletter Penny Sansevieri. I was moved to share her motto and my take on it with you in this New Year.

We read too often on the Web and elsewhere, that we should research topics, themes, etc. to be sure there is a niche for what we are writing. The thing is, authors may become discouraged. The other thing is, there is really nothing brand spanking new in the world. But even more than those two things is this:

By the time we finish writing a book (sometimes even an article or essay) that has a perfect niche with little or no competition, the moment is often gone. Someone else has done the same thing a minute earlier. Or the national, worldwide, or literary tide has turned. I believe in "Write your heart and someone--if not the world—will follow."

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  1. I appreciate this post. I've come to the conclusion that if I'm going to "write by marketing department" I'm going to become "discouraged" if not down right batty. Instead, I've recommitted to write the stories that only I can tell. Thanks for the confirmation.


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