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Who Says Poetry Can't Be Marketed?

I hear all the time--even from experts--how hard it is to market certain kinds of writing, especially fiction. Especially poetry and literary fiction.

OK. It is a bit harder, but certainly not impossible. Today I'm doing some marketing of my own and at the same time, showing you one way to market even poetry using a contest. Of course, that I'm including the media release for the winners of that contest is a bonus. Use it as a template for your releases. Or adapt the ideas in it to your own marketing campaign--whatever that campaign is.  You can also use the guidelines for media releases (truly step-by-step) and for marketing campaigns that you'll find in The Frugal Book Promoter: How To Do What Your Publisher Won't.

OK. Enough chit chat. Here it is:

Media Release

Carolyn Howard-Johnson e-mail:

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For Immediate Release

Actor/Producer Wins Contest for Bookcover Art

Winning Artist Says: Life’s highway has lots of off ramps, so why not try more than a few, really enjoy the ride, and the time to enjoy the scenery by the side of the road.

Worldwide Web--Award-winning poets Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball announce the winner and runners-up of their first-ever contest for cover art of their poetry chapbooks. When published in July of 2011, Deeper into the Pond will celebrate, support, and inspire women and contest Jacquie Schmall’s winning entry reflects the powerful energy of women in the process of co-creation. Thus it seemed an ideal image for a chapbook conceived and published by Ball and Howard-Johnson that has resulted in this, the fifth in their award-winning series.

Schmall, who lives in San Diego, developed a style she calls “rainbow geometry.” After spending time in theatre productions, and on film sets, she was compelled to paint a series of watercolors reflecting the powerful energy of women. The selected painting is one of them; it will be reflected in three iterations on the cover.

The chapbooks in the Celebration Series include Cherished Pulse (for anyone you love), with artwork from California artist Vicki Thomas (; She Wore Emerald Then (for mothers on your gift list) with photographs by May Lattanzio (; Imagining the Future: For Fathers and Other Masculine Apparitions (for the men in your life) (; and Blooming Red, a celebration of Christmas (, also featuring Thomas’s work.

Runners up in the contest are Roxanne Kahan and Cynthia Uhrich.

Magdalena Ball runs the highly respected review site. She is the author of the poetry book Repulsion Thrust, which was published to unanimous five-star reviews. Her novel Sleep Before Evening, was a Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson's poetry appears frequently in review journals. She is listed in Poets & Writers and her chapbook of poetry, Tracings, was published by Finishing Line Press ( and was given the Award of Excellence by the Military Writers Society of America. One of her poems recently won the Franklin Christoph Poetry Prize. She is also an award-winning novelist and short story writer and instructor for UCLA Extension Writers' Program.

For more information on any of the chapbooks in this poetry series, contact either of the authors or visit media rooms at or To learn more about artist Jacqui Schmall and to see her selections of her work, go to


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