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An Open-To-All Submission Opportunity

I often try to bring Sharing with Writers visitors and subscribers accessible ways to get published. It's so essential in those early days of building a platform and we all know that it can be very difficult to break into many of the listings in Writer's Digest's Markets. So today! TaDa! Heather Paye to the rescue with an anthology opportunity. It's not that new writers shouldn't pay close attention to submission guidelines or go into this expecting that all submissions will be accepted, but Heather's new project is open to all.  Here are some questions and answers and some links for you to learn more. Oh yeah. It's also frugal. No fee for entering.

Project: Old Man Anthology.

Heather: To make a long story short, this "Old Man Anthology" is a planned anthology for next Father's Day. It will have short stories by both new and seasoned writers whom have submitted their work to be included. It's a great way to show respect to fathers everywhere - which, if you're dad is like mine, he's super hard to buy gifts for!
Right now I'm accepting entries to put into the anthology. If you submit a story of yours, it will be included in the work. It's a great opportunity if you're a writer... or just looking for something to get the picky father.

You actually have to write the story yourself - ha ha - yeah. There isn't a catch. It's free to enter a short story. You can enter up to five short stories to be included in the book. They have to be something about Father's Day. They have to be your original work. You have to have the rights to the work. Each story must be in English. Stories must be suitable for readers twelve and under (no cursing, profanity, violence, etc.). You actually have to edit your story - but fear not, work will be edited and polished before it's published - and you'll be notified of the changes - if any. And each story must be under 1,000 words.

Write a non-fiction short story about your father. Write a fictional story about one of his hobbies (i.e. he likes poker, write a story about someone who plays poker), write about Father's Day in general, write about anything you think has to do with the subject. Just as long as it's actually a story, not a short biography, not a poem, but an actual story. It can be any genre you want, as long as it's suitable for those twelve and under.

What if you want to write a story with a friend? You can enter the story in the contest, as long as both of you agree. There can be up to three  writers per short story, it can be entered as long as all writers agree.

You can enter starting... now! Entries will not be accepted after March 31st at 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time. If an overwhelming amount of entries is received, the contest may close sooner. In which case the entry link will be disabled. All of those who entered will have their stories included.

So what do you get? You get your story/stories featured in an awesome anthology beside many different authors. You get an author's discount for purchasing copies of the anthology. Need more reasons? You get your work read by other people in the universe. You get to keep all of the rights to your work. The only right you give is for me to put your work in the anthology. You can take your work anywhere else you want at any time you want - heck you could even burn it if you wanted!

Everyone can enter. Providing they can write actual words... If you're under 18, go over the agreement at the bottom of the submission form with your parents. After you have permission, submit your stories!

This Anthology is being published by me, Heather Paye. Just like the poetry anthology I did for Mother's Day 2010, I will be in charge of the book cover, layout, illustrations - everything. The anthology will be self-published and available in print on and through the printer at

Just fill out the form.

If you still have more questions, go to the "Contact" page and drop a note. I'll answer any questions that come to me.

Heather Paye is the author of a book of poetry, For You, From Me, and active in author and poetry circles online. Find her at . She tweets at  Her Web site is

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