Saturday, February 06, 2010

Jo-Anne’s 10 Sure Ways To Draw Viewers to Your Blog

In my absence, guest blogger Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is stepping in to talk book promotion. A veteran publicist, she has just released a book that I found was kin to the PR principles that I espouse. I think you will love her and her book as much as I do.

By Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

1. Produce amazing comment replies.

Visit other blogs in your niche or area of expertise, and leave well-written comments that contain valuable content. Leave your signature. Follow the discussion.

2. Provide a solution; it goes a long way.

Get out to other social media sites and prove you are an expert. Scan the discussions for questions you can answer simply. Contribute by sharing similar experiences, and empathize with the participants.

3. Publicize your articles.

Gain “Expert Author” status by submitting excellent articles from your blog. is one of many examples of recognized published postings (article directory) that not only attracts viewers, but is another method to get your name and niche out there.

4. Guest post or contribute articles on other blogs.

Each stream comes with its own readers. Many streams turn into a flow of traffic back to your site.

5. Build your list of followers.

Reach out into various social media networks and gather friends. Interact to form trusting relationships.

6. Vary your source of posts by incorporating audio and visual podcasts.

Presentation is everything. Create catchy titles with eye-drawing photographs. Supply the captions and posts with links back to your site. Include long tailed tags/keywords.

7. Target the 3 largest media sites.

YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are the going fad today. Leave your signature with your site link. Update your profile within the joined media site. Interested participants will want to know more about you, so make you and your site accessible through simple navigation.

8. Educate your followers.

Provide simple guidelines or reminders. Encourage your followers to subscribe and tell them exactly how. Request your followers to promote you to others (their friends). “Spread the word” or “tell a friend.”

9. Find potential new followers.

Know who you want to attract and where to find them. Choose sites with major traffic, and take note of where these secondary sites are linked. Vary your target audience—do not always pitch to the same viewers.

10. Activate the webcrawlers and social bookmark each post.

Register your blog in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. After each post, ping the article (Digg,Delicious, Stumbleupon, etc.). Optimize your ranking in the search engines so your potential viewers can find you.

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