Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get In on the Cutting Edge of iPad

I just received this from Gene Cartwright and his iFOGO team. Hot off the press. And I wanted you to know about it so you can stay abreast of developments. I know how much Kindle can do for a book and it's just possible iPad will match it. They are competitors, sure, but it's in the interest of anyone with a product to sell (for us that's books!) to let their customers buy it the way they want it (for us that's anything from paperback to iPad or Kindle). Note I didn't say hardback. Because of the expense, I think it is a dying breed, at least for any but the top selling authors in the world. So here is the message from iFOGO, as it came to me:


This new technology ushers in a new approach to how books are presented and sold on the web. For authors published my major publishers, this will be a bonanza. However, for the millions of self-published, and micro-published authors, this platform of the future will not be so inclusive. They will be left behind.

But not to worry. We at iFOGO have been thinking ahead as well. We are certain we have the tools to make sure you are not left out. While your book may not appear in Apple's Bookstore (set to operate like iTunes, we have a solution that will present your books in an iPAD compatible, compact, and full-featured format that no other site can offer.

We have acquired and are developing iPadBookseller.com (available soon),
and added it to the iFOGO Family. It will be unlike anything on the web.

* One, slick, compact, iPad Compatible, non-scrolling page with access to:
Digitized excerpts
Buy links
Contact form
Twitter/Facebook/MySpace and 225 networks
All designed for the iPAD and similar technology, including the smartphones.

For a personal email notification, send blank message to:
iPadbookseller@ifogo.com, with iPAD in the subject line.

Jane Austen Dickey, for iFOGO

Just to complete your round or research on this, here is CNN's take on iPad: http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/01/28/apple.ipad.publishers.reaction/index.html. And, in the meantime, keep up on your book promotion. Everything you do now will contribute to the new iterations of your book--whether it's print or electronic. (-:

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