Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Joint Venture Marketer Shares Online Secrets with Clients and We're Peeking!

While I am on vacation I am running guest blogs from some of the savviest book marketers and writers I know. Denise Cassino is one of those. I am working with her on a Christmas Gift Ideas Catalog this season and a book launch this spring. She is the force behind Long Story Short and you can find her at www.wizardlywebdesigns.com. This is from an e-mail (with permission of course) that she sent out to those of us participating in the catalog. How nice of her to let all of us peek! She is ever one to give more than her clients expect:

Dear Catalog Promoters,

Many of you are far more savvy than I when it comes to Internet marketing and social networking, but for those of you who have not yet discovered some of the very cool tools out there, I want to share some with you and ask that you set these up so you can easily promote our launches and the catalog as well as your own books, products and services. As you all know, the success of this catalog depends upon how many people we reach through our collective internet marketing efforts. Now is the time to work on building up your social media contacts so you’ll all have a wide audience in December.

I discovered www.ping.fm – this is an awesome tool that allows you to post to all your social networks with a single click. It offers about 50 networks in its system so you can easily join those you don’t already belong to.

When you join this, you see on the lower right side of your dashboard, www.hootsuite.com – this is an amazing Twitter tool. I haven’t been a huge fan of Twitter because I think it not very user friendly but this puts all of your own tweets and those of others in categorized columns with profiles of the senders at the click of a button. It also provides a quick retweet button so we can all retweet each others’ tweets which then add credibility to what we’re promoting. You’ll love it!

If you want to really grow your twitter following, www.twitterspinner.com is an amazing tool, but does cost about $19/mo. I’m going to do it because it clears out people you’re following who aren’t following you, it invites followers, it tracks keywords that fit your list and much, much more.

Here's something else of marketing interst. We’re changing the catalog to the Spirit of the Season catalog so if it goes well, we can promote it all year – winter issue, spring issue, etc. Also, some people don’t celebrate Christmas so this is more generic. We’ll provide you with banners and the usual promotional blurbs. Tell you friends to join as the more we have, the bigger the promotion and the sales we can expect.

Those who would like to access the Spirit of the Season catalog to see the festive offerings may do so at www.spiritoftheseasoncatalog.com.

Guest Blogger Biography

Denise Cassino is a Joint Venture Marketing Specialist doing Amazon book, product and service launches which produce #1 Bestsellers.
E-mail: dencassino@gmail.com
Phone: 303 838 3399
Follow her on Twitter: www.twitter.com/DCassino

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