Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holiday Catalog Opportunity for Books and Other Snazzy Gifts

I am participating in a holiday catalog spearheaded by book launch guru Denise Cassino. I'm excited because she will use many of the same contacts and methods to promote the catalog that she uses for her spectacularly successful online book launches. Here's how she explains it--just in case you'd like to give your book a holiday boost:

We are creating a spectacular online Spirit of Christmas Catalog. This exclusive catalog will feature books, products and even services for your friends and followers to consider for holiday gifts. Our plan is to launch the catalog with each participant mailing to all of our contacts and social networks on December 1. We'll provide everything you need for the announcement.

Each product will offer a detailed description, product image, price and buy button. If your response is strong, we’ll create a page where you can submit your info as we do on the book launches we do.

We want to give Sharing with Writers subscribers and visitors first dibs on featuring your books, products, and services in this beautiful online catalog. Our contact lists have grown immensely and what better way to utilize our expertise than to allow you to sell via our Spirit of Christmas Catalog.

December is a busy gift buying season. What a great opportunity for you all to make money selling your stuff and to bring in a little extra cash for the holidays.
The Spirit of Christmas Catalog will be organized by sections such as Spiritual, Motivational, Abundance, Body, Mind, Transformational, Fiction, NonFiction, Children etc. We can even offer handmade products. Your item will be placed in the category you indicate. The actual purchases will be made from your own page when they click the Buy Button. This way you keep control of your sales and fulfillment.

We will design, create and organize the catalog. The cost per person is $69 for the entire season. This includes placement of up to 5 items for that price. If this catalog goes well, we will continue with a Spring, Summer and Fall edition. That’s only $23. per month and we handle the website design, labor costs, staffing, etc. You will keep all the sales proceeds yourself. In this difficult economy, we can all benefit from inexpensive advertising. We want you to have a great experience and at the same time benefit from the tremendous number of contacts that we have accrued.

All items will have standard alphabetical ad placement. However, we are also offering specialized featured placement for an additional cost. In other words, we will have special ads on the home page that click through to the buy page. We will also offer ads on every page in the various categories. So, if you want your spiritual book to appear on every spiritual product page, we will have an additional fee for that. Let me know if you have an interest in the special placement.

We will launch on December 1. We will provide you with our ad copy and banners to that you can place them on your site or in your newsletters, blogs, tweets and social networking.

We are so excited by this venture and know this will be a great opportunity for all of us to get our products and services in front of perhaps 2-3 million people! Let us know by return email if you are interested. We can only take so many, so it's a first come first serve basis. When we assess the interest level, we will take the next step. You payment can be made via PayPal.

Be sure to share this with your friends who might also want to be a part of this exciting opportunity! We want to reward those who supported our launches and their friends and Carolyn is one of those supporters. Our way of giving back. Let's make this the most prosperous Christmas ever!

Here’s the link: – you can fill out the form here.

Merry Christmas!
Denise Cassino
303 838 3399

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