Thursday, January 01, 2009

Author Flash! Utmost Importance for Future of Your Book On Amazon

Thank heaven for valuable Twitter pals like Their tweet led me to Amazon's announcement page where they say, "On the first day of this new year, how about some info on a new online publicity opportunity for authors?

So, here’s the news:

On December 29, launched a new feature called Author Stores. These single pages list all of an author’s published works and include additional information such as biographies, author images, and discussion boards. Amazon plans to add capabilities for video and blogs as well as listing related products soon.
Right now, the feature is in beta-testing, so not every author has a page. To see who is currently listed, you can browse listings in the Author Stores Directory (Sorry these aren't live links. I didn't want to make a mistake and have you without one at all, so please just copy and paste!)

Though I wasn't listed, just like you, I hope to be. And you should know about it so you can check and and keep your fingers crossed because they appear to have no application process set up. The feature seems to be a sort of wait-and-see proposition but Amazon's publicity director Andrew Hardener does assure us that eventually they hope to have a bookstore page for every author in their system. Actually, it shouldn't be too hard because many of us authors already have our books listed on our profile page where we have more control over submissions and approval.

Once your Author Store is added, you can use the Author Central page to edit it

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And, if you want to tweet with me, find me at This news will be featured in my Sharing with Writers newsletter, too. I'll let subscribers there know if I've learned anything more at that time. (-:

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