Monday, October 06, 2008

How to Beat Blogging Blues

Blogging can be fun. It can also be a nag.

Some wonderful writers I just met have figured out how to solve that problem--the one where the amount of work blogs require is either a deterrent or a termagant.

These writers have developed a blog called Novel Journey that they share. Kelly Klepfer, one of the contributors, recently interviewed me for it and it became apparent that they work ahead and are well-coordinated. And their planning has worked.

It's a delightful blog. The site is known for its author interviews, commentary on the writing life and book giveaways, and appears on My Space News. Novel Journey has become a must-visit blog that is frequented by publicists, editors, publishers and multi-published authors. The Novel Journey contributors have crafted questions designed to guarantee that each post will offer something valuable to our growing readership.

Novel Journey also shares Writer's Digest's top websites for writers with this blog. Maybe that's how Kelly found me. Publicity works in amazing ways.

Novel Journey bloggers include Gina Holmes, Ane Mulligan,Jessica Dotta, elly Klepfer, Elizabeth Ludwig,S.Dionne Moore, Marcia Laycock, Mike Duran, Yvonne Anderson, and Noel DeVries.

So, this NJ blog fits right in with my oft-repeated mantra about making things easy on yourself by cross-promoting and by recycling. Though this concept isn't precisely one or the other, that makes it all the more important that I pass it on to my readers as a way get your promotion campaign in shape with the the most benefit for the least dollars and effort spent. Truly a FRUGAL idea. (-:

Now, all you have to do get a few more lustrous pearls of wisdom is go by Friday, October 10 to see how much fun Kelly and I had together.
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