Saturday, February 17, 2007

Amazon Connects You and Me

One of my most recent AmazonConnects ™ (or plog or blog) is about generations and genealogy and writing. I am as hesitant to tell you for sure that AmazonConnect works to sell books as I am most kinds of promotion. The fact is there is always way too little proof of results. One thing I do know! Taken all together, promotion works. And what better way to promote than by writing? And what better way to promote than to target people who read and particularly the people who read your kind of books.

This plog starts:

"Fascination with generations is like tulips. It flares up periodically, dies back and flourishes again. Whether or not generations is a topic of current interest with us, our ancestry is always with us -- with some of us more than others, it is true . . . .."

You can finish the article at and you can sign up to receive all my plogs by clicking on the little oval button on the left side of the page. It says, "Add to Your Plog." Heck, you can always delete it when I give you a recipe for my polygamist great grandmother's mustard pickles, but I bet you'll be glad you've got it when I give you tips on promotion (scroll down the AuthorConnect section page for a review of those!)

And what about your plog? Know that the longer you wait to start one, the sorrier you'll be. Amazon's plog is a way to reach people who want to know about you.
 This is a way to try stuff out to see if it works.
 This is a way to fill out your book's page on Amazon. You know, make you look like an active writer.
 This is a way to build loyalty.
 This is a way to recycle other articles you've written.
 This is a way to help out fellow authors (authors who plog together, promote together--or something like that!).
 It may even be a way to sell books!
And it doesn't cost a cent. A very FRUGAL way to go.

And here's another magic quality of AmazonConnect. You can glean the RSS feeds from them and place them on your website, as an example. I've pasted some of mine in this very blog. Just scroll to the bottom of the blog to see how it works and no, I haven't figured out how to rid them of the html code introducing each one. A little at a time, here, OK?

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