Saturday, December 27, 2014

Carolyn Howard-Johnson's Least-Seen Book Promotion Idea of 2014

Publishing/Marketing Partnership Tip
How can you sell more books—any book, fiction or nonfiction—without doing all the heavy lifting yourself? Partner with an author who writes in your genre or on your topic. Here’s how: Include the first one to three chapters of their book in the back of your book and they do the same for you. You’ve automatically reached your target audience, gotten what amounts to an endorsement from a fellow author. After you’ve done the original planning (finding a reliable partner and adding one another’s material to your self-published book), the rewards keep coming in effortlessly!

Here are suggestions for making this cross-promotion work well:

1. Choose an author who writes in your genre or on a similar nonfiction topic, though the topic could be broad like politics.

2. Choose an author whose work you admire and who admires your work as well.

3. Plan well ahead and agree on the parameters of the agreement. Will you include an introduction (a kind of recommendation) before the chapters? How will you do it? With just a title like “Recommended Reading for Those Who Love Horror,” or with a personal introduction about your partner and why you like his or her work. How many words or pages of your partner’s work will you include in your book? (Be careful not to let the number of your author’s pages push you into another level where your book will cost more to print!)

4. If the number of pages is problematic, do it only in the e-book version of your book.

5. As an alternative, partner on a promotional e-book that you promote and give away free. You could use many more than two authors for this idea and agree on how many e-books and how much marketing each author must contribute to be included. Call it a “Free Sampler for Future Reading on the State of American Politics” or something else that matches your needs.

If you choose to do this, let me know about it. Send me an e-copy. I’ll use your note and links to the free book in the Letters-to-the-Editor section of this newsletter. 

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