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When I run questions in my newsletter, I usually get help from SharingwithWriters readers. So, far, I haven't heard a peep on this one for Shirl Corder. I gave her an alternative to having a fan page on Facebook, but I didn't really answer her question. Can any of you SharingwithWriters blog readers help?

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How do we connect our FB personal page to our fan page?


Carolyn, At the moment, my FB opens at which is my normal page (don't know what else to call it!) But I can't find how to put a link at the top to my new author page So of course no one goes there unless I ask them to.

How do others work this?

In anticipation,

Shirley Corder
Writing to Inspire


Shirl, you're way ahead of me. I have resisted doing a fan or author page on Facebook. Three reasons. One is that I'd have to tend two pages that way--for the most part. The other is that I'd have to somehow get my many friends (I haven't checked the number lately--but lots) over to the author page and might lose some in the process. I keep what you call your “normal friends page” pretty authorly anyway. It's not that I don't do any personal stuff, but nothing too personal and, I hope, just enough to look human instead of like one big sales ploy. Maybe that's an alternative for those who don't want any more social networking pages than they already have.

I also rarely invite people to that page. I figure if I wait until they invite me, they must welcome my tips for writing and marketing tips. Therefore, I haven't built up huge numbers of friends there. I do understand that a fan page becomes a necessity when your friends tally about 5,000.  

Therfore, I keep thinking about a two-page Facebook ordeal that we authors often face. I attended Magdalena Ball’s Webinar on FB pages and it was great, but I'm still only thinking...thinking...thinking. BTW, that Webinar is available to all authors at no cost; names of those who attend will be added to WritersOntheMove mailing lists (and that list is always used appropriately).

Maybe some of the readers of this blog will leave an idea for permanently connecting your two pages.  Calling all SharingwithWriters readers!

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