Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google + Wants You and I Want You to Learn From Them! (-:

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In the News: Google is testing Google +, an online social network that (though they aren’t saying so) is being geared to compete with Facebook which generates $29 billion in revenues per year. What it appears Google wants is a place where folks will come bide a bit more time with them! (-: On average, US Gooogle users spend 231 minutes with them and Facbook reels visitors in for more than 375 minutes. You may not care and I may not care but minutes spent adds up to advertising that gets seen. Advertising that gets seen adds up to more sales. And more sales per ad adds up to more money spent on the sites ads pay off.
So, how can you coax visitors to spending more time on YOUR Web site. I offer a tip on every page. Find them in gray boxes with green borders at .
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