Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm Taking on the Nobel Comittee--Again!

I'm Taking On the Nobel Prize Committee for the Fifth Year!

Praised or maligned, the Nobel Prize for Literature is always news. It selects the best from the world and therefore misses much of value. I write a column called “Back to Literature” for MyShelf.com and my editor and I attempt to close the gap each year with my annual “Noble Prize for Literature.”

Over the last years the Nobel committee has recognized authors for their literary expertise but there has also been a trend toward awarding the prize for, as Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Tim Rutten says, “an author’s particular relevance to the moral moment in which the world finds itself.”

My prize, therefore, concentrates on books that address these same issues. For my Noble Prize (as opposed to the NOBEL prize), I consider books written in English (which narrows the field of prospects considerably) because writers who write in English have been rather neglected over the years and because that is the language in which I, well . . . .ahem, read well enough. My lists have included well-known authors who explore discrimination in their writing like Toni Morrison and Ralph Ellison but I try to concentrate on authors who have not been posted to bestseller lists or won major awards. Some past winners are Randall Sylvis and Leora Krygier.

The winners for 2006 just announced in January's issue of Myshelf.com are:

Bruce Bauman for And the Word Was (Other Press, 2005). Nominated by Susan Henderson.Carolyn Davidson for Redemption (HON Books--Harlequin). Nominated by Suzie Housley.Robert Eggleton for his e-book, Rarity from the Hollow (Fatcat Press). Nominated by Evelyn Somers.Dr. Bob Rich for his biography, Anikó.Helen Losse for her chapbook, Gathering the Broken Pieces #5 in the Poets on Peace series (Foothill Publishing).Nikki Arana for The Winds of Sonoma, (Revell).http://www.compulsivereader.com/html/images/quarkindex.htm%20">Magdalena Ball for her book of poetry, Quark Soup (Picaro Press, Warners Bay, Australia).Marcus Harris for his small book of poetry, Songs in Search of a Voice (Urban Echoes Entertainment, LLG).Two Rivers Review's Poetry Chapbook Series. Published three volumes at a time, Ron Mohring's #5 volume along with Michael McFee's and Lynne Knight's poetry.Anh Vu Sawyer and Pam Proctor for Song of Saigon (Warner Books).Eve La Salle Caram for Rena, A Late Journey (Plain View Press, Austin, TX).Nadia Brown for her book of poetry Unscrambled Eggs (Publish America).Hugh Rosen for Silent Battlefields (iUniverse).Karen Degroot Carter for One Sister's Song (Pearl Street Publishing).

I'd like to extend a great big hug of thanks to Editor Brenda Weeaks at MyShelf.com. She is an unparalleled webmaster to say nothing of banner maker.

You'll want to go to my "Back to Literature" page. http://myshelf.com/backtoliterature/column.htm. There you'll find book covers and my comments on the writers and their books as well as the Tips box that always run with my column--on for readers and one for writers. And, of course, anyone who wants more information on these authors or the award, please leave a comment with your e-mail address and I'll get back to you.

Also, as the author of The Frugal Book Promoter,I have to remind you--winner of the Noble, past winner or hopeful--to leave comments on blogs. When you do be careful to relate to the blog in some way, mention your book's title and leave your URL!

Your Noble Prize Judge and MyShelf Column Writer (-:

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