Sunday, February 07, 2016

Guest Post: Book Marketing Made Simple

I'd like you to meet my guest today. She is Valerie Allen, director of a couple of book fairs in Florida and an author in her own right. She is also as convinced as I am that all authors--no matter how they are published--flourish when the author herself is involved.  Enjoy! And contact her (e-mail below), for information on frugal marketing opportunities at her author events.

Monitor Your Marketing

Marketing made simple: You must tell to sell! Marketing is the business that ultimately leads to sales. There are six steps within the marketing process, some overlapping. Marketing is not one discreet step; it is an unending accumulation of many tasks over time.

1.  Promotion:  is used to encourage sales
Media Kit; may include items or gimmicks, free or at cost, used to sell your book or product
Gift of your book or related item; a free handout on your web page
Useful items people will keep and use and tell others about
Your byline at the end of a published article; book reviews online
Your email and web page contact information on all your materials
Endorsements/testimonials – try for a celebrity

2.  Publicity: a FREE process to attract public attention
 It is perpetual; perseverance is the key to success; frequency is critical
Use your book cover in as many places as possible
Find free online venues to post your books
Use newspapers to celebrate a book release, an award, a presentation

3.  Advertising:  is a PAID notice of the availability of a product or service
Used to reach the specific audience most likely to purchase your book
 Choose what is affordable
Offer infomercials and factoids disguised as articles in newspapers/magazines

4.  Branding:  creates the perception of you and your book in the mind of your target audience
It is the long-term cumulative result of all your efforts to create your image in the public eye
Your 25 words, your tag line, your pitch; dress the part when in public
One design format and color combination for your hard copy and online materials

5.  Platform: similar to a resume; builds your credibility for you and your book
Consider yourself an expert on the topic of your book; write articles in your area of expertise
Transfer skills/knowledge from your day job/career/education/experiences
Connect and associate with those in your area of expertise to gain recognition
Your personal and/or professional beliefs and worldview when you speak and/or write

6. Public Relations: connect with others and the media to help get FREE publicity
Makes others feel cared about, accepted, important, and noticed
Write and respond to emails/writers’ blogs/tweets/facebook/Google+/online newsletters/ etc.
Join and participate in writers’ groups or groups related to your genre/topic
Write letters/emails as follow up on media topics related to your book
Connect with friends/family/neighbors/coworkers as a writer
 Make a presentation; give a library talk; participate in school career days
Have a book party – each person donates a child’s book to be donated to an agency for children

Valerie Allen, psychologist, author, playwright, and speaker, writes fiction, non-fiction, short stories, and children's books. Her most popular book for authors is, “Write, Publish, Sell!” 2nd Ed. Valerie can be reached at or


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