Thursday, September 03, 2015

Eight Good Reasons (Plus!) Why Authors Should Enter Scintillating Starts Contest

As many SharingwithWriters subscribers and visitors know, I believe in contests--both book contests and those for other creative work sponsored by Web sites and literary journals. Win, place or show, they are credibility boosters. Here is one sponsored by Writer Advice straight from B. Lynn Goodwin herself and it has some benefits others don't!  And I love it because it could give an author and title a little prestige boost before the book is published! At a time when the author is shopping a book to an agent or publisher.
By B. Lynne Goodwin

Writer Advice’s Fourth Scintillating Starts Contest seeks fiction, memoir or another prose genre that will entice us, grab our attention, make us want to know more, and give us reasons to care. This contest is for those who have not yet received a contract for the opening they submit. Complete details are at

The feedback you receive makes this contest different from most. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from participating:

1.     If you enter and your work is published, you’ll earn money before you even publish the book.

2.     You can tell prospective agents or publishers you were a winner in Writer Advice’s Fourth Scintillating Starts Contest.

3.     If you enter and we declare that you are a finalist, you can tell a prospective agent or publisher about that success.

4.     You will get a letter containing objective feedback:

a.      You’ll find out what an agent with a desk full of manuscripts might think.

b.     You’ll discover what might trip up that agent.

c.      You’ll find out whether an agent might leap at the opportunity to work with you or is merely being polite.

d.     You’ll get suggestions for improvement before you submit your work to an agency or publisher.

5.     You’ll get perspective and ideas to think about.  

6.     The feedback may help you improve your query or cover letter.

7.     If you don’t enter, though, you can’t win and you’ll never discover what you might have learned.

8.     In other words, get objective feedback from a reader who knows submissions but doesn’t know you.

So what are you waiting for? Send the opening (up to 1500 words) of any prose manuscript, including an unfinished manuscript, as long as you have not signed a contract with a publisher. We look forward to reading your work.
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