Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brand New Top-Rated Writing Career Resource

Just a quick tip from my last SharingwithWriters newsletter as a way to encourage ou to subscribe. Peggy is a brand new resource for me and one who has her fingers in enough cookie dough for you to assemble a veritable gift basket of career-building resources! (-:

I'm always looking for resources where I can learn more and have my belief in hands-on marketing reaffirmed. I'm letting you know about a brand new discovery of mine. She is Peggy DeKay and does a series of podcasts which she posts on her Web site at Click on "podcasts." You can also hear them on www.iTunes.Com. Here is a link to one favorite interview she did with Mark Wayne Adams, a children's book illustrator and author in Florida:
I know you'll want to reach out, send a query to be interviewed on her podcast yourself, and support this woman who wants you to know more about The Business of Writing. Find her at,, and
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Happy writing!

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