Monday, June 17, 2013

Aaron Shepherd Offers Help Formatting Images for Kindle--Frugally

Occasionally I recommend a book in my SharingwithWriters newsletter--especially if it covers something authors need to know but rarely get help with.  Here is one of my recommendations from my last issue that I think will be especially useful for authors of children's books and nonfiction:

Almost everything you've read about formatting pictures for Kindle is wrong. The advice offered by Kindle experts and even Amazon itself can give images that are tiny, blocky, noisy, or wildly inconsistent on different Kindles.

Now acknowledged Amazon expert Aaron Shepherd to the rescue for only 99 cents at

Aaron, author of acclaimed books on Kindle and POD
publishing, brings his years of experience in book design, webmastering, and photography to bear on a single question: How do you make pictures look great on the Kindle? He answers that question, while providing beginners a basic course in picture editing. Along the way, he discusses how to keep Microsoft Word from sneakily degrading your pictures; how to adjust HTML code to show images at their best; how to make part of a picture transparent for Night and Sepia modes; how to boost the power of your cover image as a marketing tool; and how to create anything from children's books to photography books to poetry books within minutes with the Kindle Comic Creator.

Best of all, you don't have to take his word for any of it. The proof is right in the book, with samples of many kinds of pictures you might use--photos, paintings, drawings, diagrams, tables,
screenshots, cover images, and more.

Nowhere else will you find such in-depth info on working with Kindle graphics. Whatever you use to create Kindle books (Word, InDesign, a dedicated e-book app, or straight HTML) you'll find Pictures on Kindle a perfect companion to other formatting guides.
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