Thursday, December 01, 2011

Author Privacy: Some Want It, Others Don't. . .

...but most of us want to stay in control of what is out there.  This is a reprint from my Sharing with Writers newsletter that will help you do that.  To get the whole letter once a month in your e-mail box (free!), send an e-mail post with SUBSCRIBE in the subject box to HoJoNews  @  AOL.   com.

Keep Facebook from Automatically Identifying Your Photo… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You’ve heard the old story. Some classmate from the 1970s dug up a photo of you and him at the local pub looking slightly pie-eyed. Facebook’s magic face recognition software identifies you by name and now everyone knows it’s you and—worse—can find this picture of you with hardly any effort. You’d like to avoid that kind of thing? Here’s how to opt out:

  1. Go to your “Account” link. Click
  2. Find the “Privacy Settings” in the drop down menu. Click
  3. Now find the ”Sharing on Facebook” section. Click.
  4. Find “Customize Settings. ”Click.
  5. Scroll to find “Suggested Photos of Me to Friends.” Click.
  6. Next click on “Edit Settings.”
  7. You then find “Disable.” Click.

They don’t make this process easy, so while you’re there you can check your other privacy settings. You can do the same kind of thing with your phone number, your e-mail address, etc.

Here’s a caveat, though. Because you are an author, you want people to find you, recognize pictures of your book covers, even send you fan mail, etc. If you use your account to reach readers as well as your old high school buds (and they are readers—well, they could be readers, no?) you may not want to get too private or you’ll lose some of the things Facebook does to benefit your marketing campaign.

This may be one reason that many authors keep their Facebook accounts and “Like” or “Fan” pages separate. I don’t. I like to communicate with my readers and I don’t like to two jobs when one will do. But “like” pages are another way—other than using stringent privacy measure—to keep your private life private and your growing fame no secret.
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