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Goodreads Free Promotion Gets Reviews for You

Thought Sharing with Writers visitors and subscribers would like to see this promotion and review-getting idea offered by GoodReads. My poetry partner Maggie Ball remembered this one. Be sure to click through and see how many entries we received for a free copy in just a few hours! If we can do it with poetry, you can do it with a so-called easier-to-promote genre! Thought you'd also like a sample of Maggie's poetry.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Deeper Into the Pond by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Deeper Into the Pond

by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Released July 12 2011
Giveaway ends in 3 days (July 31, 2011)
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Jupiter’s Moons

If I pushed through this mortal cage
flew out past the atmosphere
to find you
my chalky friend
would you reach through the icy crust
of Europa
wet from your briny ocean
your extremophile heart
growing larger from the contamination
of an all too early touch.

Would it be enough
in the transitory evolution of your life
to link up
our temporarily compatible minds
dancing through the lava flows of Io.

Could you teach me
to breathe
thin oxygen
Jupiter's magnetic field
raining onto the surface of Ganymede.

When we part ways
kissing goodbye on Callisto
would you cry Gallilean tears
against my endless female needs
for atmospheres, oceans
amino acids
(Copyright: Magdalena Ball, 2011)

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