Thursday, June 23, 2011

On How Books Can Still Change Lives and Marketing

I have a very special friend who also happens to be the designer of some of my book covers (see Or just see the cover in the widget on the left.  He (Chaz DeSimone) says, "I am a great designer but a lousy businessman."  I might add, he is also a great marketer--when he gets around to doing it.

Anyway, he was recently evicted. While he was in the depths of depression he read a book that changed his life by Marriott of Marriott Hotel fame. (Isn't it nice to know a book can do that!)  As he came out of his funk, he got busy with the blog I'd been nagging him to start. And this is the result. His first blog post. It's about this life-changing book! And it has the subtext that, yes! Marketing makes a difference.  I hope many go there to learn from his mistakes--and his successes!


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