Friday, April 01, 2011

Q&A a la Ann Landers

Say That Again! Why does Twitter Work? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Fran Silverman asked me to respond to Twitter questions from a journalist for

Fran is an author/on-line publicist and radio host. She has placed her 180 clients on hundreds of radio shows and is author of sixteen e-books full of resources that authors need to know before contacting talk radio show hosts. The descriptions and prices are at .


Used right, Twitter can:
1. drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog and Web site. It's a matter of reaching your Twitter followers but also of interconnecting Twitter with your other social networks.

2. get you radio and other gigs. It's a matter of networking.

3. help you make direct-sales pitches because they are not something frowned upon on Twitter as they are at other social networks. (Though there are some techniques for keeping these kinds of tweets friendly and caring.)

BTW, when it's used correctly, Twitter is a great learning/information gathering experience. You may want to check out Frugal and Focused Tweeting ( ) . It's written for retailers, but authors are also retailers. We sell books. And the essentials are the same. To make the transition, one must just substitute “author” for “retailer” as one reads.

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