Sunday, November 14, 2010

AuthorsDen Offers New Free E-Book Program

Even though I have a Web site of my own, I have been a member of AuthorsDen for a number of years. For a number of reasons. But lately they are on a roll. I thought my subscribers would want to know about their new e-book program. Here is the letter directly from the AuthorsDen president:

Free Service Coming Soon!

We have a big surprise for you!

On Monday November 15th, at 12:00PM PST you will be able to sell your books right from your pages on and earn 100% of the profits!

This is a huge new release, so we are staging it in two parts:

Stage 1: November 15th, you can participate by simply uploading your existing PDF files of your books and book covers so, get your files ready!

Stage 2: Mid-December time-frame, we will launch an online suite of writing and collaborating tools to write, edit, publish, and sell your books. Again, you keep all the profits.
I'd like to take this opportunity say thank you for your participation on AuthorsDen!

You have helped make a wonderful author and reader community for all to enjoy. The community support that we witness everyday we login is amazing and the feedback you've provided has been incredible over the 10 years we've been online. I believe you will be delighted with our new service as it is a reflection of my strong belief that Authors create their works and should hold onto the profits as well.

Please let us know what you think.

Matt Miller
Founder of

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