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Baby Boomer Women Offers Writing Contest

I thought many of my subscribers would be interested in this legitimate, fun and helpful contest from See what you think!

What if YOU Owned the Remote to Change Your Life?

As Baby Boomers, we've explored, researched, traveled, loved and lost. We've reinvented ourselves and how the world views us. At midlife, we are tech savvy, so much wiser and gentler, and we've unearthed many ways to love and nourish the most important person in the world—Ourselves.

We've also come to believe that sometimes family, friends, or events in our lives would serve us better if we could pause, fast forward, and sometimes even rewind them.

What if…you own a remote that could change your life? Tell us…

Are there parts of your life you want to “pause” in order to reflect on them more deeply, maybe cherish them, or possibly you want to savor and stay in the moment?

Do you want to fast forward through some obligatory event, boring experience, or unpleasant scene?

Need more time to make that all important decision?

Go ahead. You can change your life with a click of a button—so tell us—What button you would push…and why?


Submit an essay (no poetry) in 500 words or less using the helpful hints above and tell us—WHICH BUTTON WOULD YOU CHOOSE? AND WHY?
All women entering must be a current subscriber to Boomer Women's World newsletter. (Subscribe HERE)

Submit your essay entry in a Word document to with “Who Owns the Remote?” in the subject line

Inside your entry, include name, email address, and bio (75 words max) at the top of your essay plus a word count

Attachments only--DO NOT send in the body of an email or you will be disqualified.

No previously published material is eligible

Deadline - May 31, 2010

Winners announced in the June 15, Boomer Women's World newsletter


FIRST PLACE - One winner

F-R-E-E membership or renewal in the NABBW,

Your story will be published in the Our Voices section at

Your choice of THREE FREE books (see below), OR Anne Holmes will host a teleseminar with you as her guest. NOTE: This teleseminar can be on any topic of interest to Baby Boomer women. Here's your chance to promote your book, champion a cause or discuss an issue dear to your heart. (Plus, you get a copy of the teleseminar, to use in your own marketing efforts.)

Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir, by award winning author, Sue William Silverman
In Fearless Confessions, a Writer's Guide to Memoir, author Sue William Silverman offers the reader a clearly marked path into the world of memoir writing. Chapter by chapter the author breaks down the preconceived notion that writing one's memoir is too complex, difficult, and in some cases, too controversial. For a full review, click HERE.

Defying Gravity, by author Prill Boyle.
Defying Gravity recounts the stories of 12 "ordinary" women who have done extraordinary things later in life. One woman didn't graduate from high school until she was 42 and is now a professor at an Ivy League university. Another was a shy housewife until she was 52 and is now the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation.

Our Lady of Weight Loss, by author, artist, and weight loss specialist, Janice Taylor (An OPRAH Book Club pick!)
Our Lady of Weight Loss offers FaToids throughout which are dashes of fat trivia, and shares her reader's letters which are often seeking forgiveness for overeating. She forgives and tells them to carry on, almost like the priest who forgave our sins in the confessional.

SECOND PLACE - One winner
F-R-E-E membership or renewal in the NABBW,

Your story will be published in the Our Voices section at

THIRD PLACE - Three Honorable Mentions
Your story will be published in the Our Voices section at
An official National Association of Baby Boomer Women Coffee Mug

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