Friday, April 23, 2010

UCLA Instructor Chris Meeks Shares Writing Prompt

My fellow UCLA Writers’ Program instructor and author Christopher Meeks shared this excercise he uses to help beginning students perfect their understanding for metaphor. I thought teachers among you would love it, and that literary writers and poets among my subscribers could use the prompt for their own creative juices.

“On the first day of class, I ask my students to take a mini-field trip outside the classroom and find one object and stare at it. Then they must write three similes and three metaphors for the single object. I explain what each is before they go out, and then when they return six minutes later, I listen to each person's six comparisons. Those who don't do it well learn from others who bring a spark to what they see. Thus I set the idea that I like simile and metaphor.

"The reason I have them write six comparisons, by the way, is that they're likely to burn through the clich├ęs and then be forced to look at their object anew. 'The clouds look like cotton balls, like white cotton candy... like my dead grandmother's doilies that she always spilt chicken broth on.'"

Meeks's own books are featured in the Amazon Widgets in this post. The first a book of short stories, the second a novel.
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