Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is Your Book Ready For Film?

BooksForFilm.Com Launches a High-Visibility, Showcase Web Site

I am excited about the possibilities of a new Web site, especially for writers of fiction and memoir. It is for every author who has ever dreamed of their book as the next blockbuster movie. This is the release from I've registered my novel This Is the Place, as you can see from their release below. is a hot new site for select authors with film-worthy books to showcase to agents, producers—buyers of book film rights. Placement is not automatic but Books for Film makes no judgment about suitability, just professionalism and quality.

DISNEY, DREAMWORKS, SONY, PARAMOUNT, FOX, IMAGINE ENTERTAINMENT, MIRAMAX, ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, SHOWTIME, HALLMARK, USA NETWORK, LIFETIME, A&E, SONY, WARNER, UNIVERSAL, and other Television, cable, satellite, and film entities, are all constantly searching for great film properties.

You’re an author with a book everyone says would make a great movie. Perhaps they are right. If you have an effective agent who is covering all the bases for you, he or she will certainly examine your book’s film possibilities. If you are not so fortunate, you should not simply dream about seeing your book as a film; you owe it to yourself to make sure your book is presented in the best light to garner the attention of those whose job it is to find such books. They are out there every day.

Each year, an average of 30 or more books become films. Many more provide the basis for the big screen and television. In addition, options as high as five or even six-figures are purchased. In many of those cases, a film is never made. Yet, the author gets to keep the option money.

Both fiction and nonfiction titles are purchased for film or optioned. Either way, you win.

You are invited to learn more about these authors and their works. No one can guarantee nor should promise that any book has all the ingredients that agents/film-makers are seeking. Even they will tell you that this is a very subjective process. What is certain is that books never offered cannot be considered.

Authors on BFF present themselves and their titles on our BooksForFilm network. See booktrailers, text, and digitized excerpts. With our digitized excerpts, you may actually turn the pages online. Read authors’ biographies, reviews, blogs, and much more.

So, is your book ready for film? You tell us at Join authors like: Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Gene Cartwright, Alicia Copeland, C. Alease, Peter Klein, Susan Klopfer, Shirley Ryan, Shirley Roe, Shelagh Watkins, Martine Ehrenclou, Gunter Swoboda, Timothy Heffernan, Daniel McLaurin III, Linda Ballou, Cliff Ball, Joan Delmonte, Patrick Schnerch, and others.

BooksForFIlm welcome buyers/readers, as well as publishing/film industry professionals. After all, our authors' goal is to place their books in the hands of book-lovers.

Join us at, and our assoicated sites,,, and iFOGO Village.

Happy Reading!
# # # is an iFOGO, Inc. company. — is the new frontier for authors, publishers, and book-buyers. The company, created by an author, presents books in an interactive, multimedia format that informs and connects all three crucial parts of the book world. Includes a social network.

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