Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marv Wilson Shares Kindle Kink for Blog and Book Promotion

I have been around the publishing industry so long I'm always surprised when I hear of something that feels brand new or at least is recognizable as a new kink in an older model that will help writers promote their books. And this is it! Marvin Wilson is an amazing (and avid!) blogger and I asked him to share "his" Kindle model with you. I know you are going to love it because it's FRUGAL of time and money!

Publishing Your Blog to Kindle

By Marv Wilson

Any blogger who would like to get more exposure and earn a little extra money can now publish their blog to Amazon’s Kindle Reader. It’s easy to do and free. Certainly there is not retirement-in-riches money to be expected from it – unless you are a celebrity blogger of fabulous renown. A monthly subscription to a blog that posts at least once per day is only $1.99, and the blog author gets 30% of that. So to get say, a $6,000 check each month you’d have to have 10,000 paying subscribers to your blog. But hey – I’ll take even a $60 check any old time, and besides, it’s all about that much more exposure, one more way to get branded and get your name and awareness of your blog and books out there, right?

Here’s what you do if you are interested.

A) Log onto

B) Sign up for a free account, fill in all the necessary information about your blog, upload your mug shot if you want, upload the image you want to have appear on the front page of your Kindle readers’ subscription, etc. You will need to know your blog’s RSS feed address--which is different than the url. On most blogs that is available at the very bottom of your front page where it says, “Posts/Atom” – click on that and it will show the RSS feed in your browser.

C) Once your application is all filled out, click on “Publish.”

D) Bingo was his name-o! That’s it--you’re done! Amazon and Kindle does all the work for you. Every time you publish a new post it automatically appears in the Kindle Blog Store on your blog.

They tell you it takes 48 to 72 hours from the time you click the mighty publish button for it to show up in the store, so you won’t see it right away. But I signed up both my primary blogs and they were both available for sale in less than 36 hours.
This post was written by the Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog, Marvin D Wilson

Free Spirit Blog This one covers lots of ideas for writers. Find my frugal model for a book launch on this site at

Hippie Blog – This one sometimes does, too. In fact it's from this one I got the idea to ask Marv to share this idea with you!

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