Saturday, April 18, 2009

Special Reports on Social Media Campaigns for Writers

This article is guest blogged by Phyllis Zimbler Miller, a writer who has made an effort to put social media to work for her. It includes links to other articles that will help you, too! Phyllis spent many hundreds of dollars learning social networking from other experts. She talks about this experience and how she took her expensive lessons and reported on them so you could benefit frugally!

I got on LinkedIn because the niece of my business partner sent me an invite. I had no idea what it meant once I joined.

I got on Facebook because a cousin decided that we should have a family page on Facebook, whatever a family page meant.

And I got up the courage to join Twitter only because one of the Internet marketing gurus from whom I had begun to learn mentioned it.

Then I started blogging in preparation for the release of my novel Mrs. Leiutenant. And somehow I learned that I could use to automatically bring a feed from my blog into Twitter and that I could also bring my blog feed into my Facebook page.

Then I got lucky – I had an epiphany and realized the power of using social media to market/promote my novel. I set off like a woman possessed to learn as much as possible about utilizing social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, etc.) to effectively market online.

I spent a fair amount of money and a huge amount of time learning from as many experts as I could find. And then I synthesized what everyone said into a workable social media marketing plan.

When I became comfortable with all of this, I decided to share what I’d learned by writing an easy-to-follow Special Report in order to save other writers the time and money I’d spent to learn this vital information.

The result of this decision is actually two Special Reports:

1) For book authors on using a social media campaign to market books --

2) For screenwriters and directors on using a social media campaign to market films, tv shows and animation projects --

The $14.95 price of the Special Report is a steal compared to what I spent on webinars, teleseminars, e-books, etc. before putting all the info together and directed at specific marketing goals. (And the report can save you from making major public gaffes.)

If you don’t want to reinvent the wheel--and instead want to easily learn how to start doing social media campaigns for your writing projects--get the Special Report that applies to you and get cracking now.

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