Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Your Book Promotion: Figuring the Angles

People seem to hate the word "angles" even more than they hate the word "sell." It seems to me that the Western world would go to ruin if it weren't for the latter word and the latter world could not exist without the former. So, put your prejudices about the crass sound of the word "angles" for a minute and let's talk.

"Angles" are about finding whatever you can in the news that relates to your book (or your business) to help you promote it.

I am always amazed when authors (and other people in business) have trouble figuring this out. After all, who knows one's own novel or book or short story or memoir or nonfiction how-to better than the author?

Not only do I year the word "Yuck," when I use the word "angles," I hear over and over again how there is never anything in the news that can make a difference for their books. I suspect that's because authors think of their books only as genres. Thus, Valentine's Day is the only day they can think of that will help their romance novels.

No! You have to dig deeper.

What is the theme? What is the profession of the protagonist? Is there a dog in your book? What breed is he? Is there a gay character in it? A . . . ahem, weight challenged person? Someone with Alzheimer's?

If your book is nonfiction, think of the keywords you'd use for it on Amazon. Look at the contents and dissect each chapter and read trade magazines or other periodicals related to your subject matter.

The last few weeks have been big ones for my novel This is the Place. Everyone seems to be talking about the news of the trial of the YFZ polygamist cult in Texas these days. That news can be worked to get my This Is the Place noticed. But here's the thing. I would have missed something if I'd just said, "Aha! Polygamy! Time to get rolling on promoting my book again." No, there are so many other issues. The repression of women (This is the Place is a novel women in the 50s, and yes, women were repressed then). Tolerance (This Is the Place is about acceptance of others and it seems that now is a good time to look with compassion on these women and men who -- even though they may have broken laws -- may be doing so out of ignorance). What about the misunderstandings involved in how this group relates to mainstream Mormonism? What about the issue of how radical religions often suppress freedom of thought and speech?

Each one of those questions might result in the distribution of articles on the subject. Or serve as a talking point for a radio or TV interview, like the one I just did on Power Talk.

Each book out there is different. If you can't examine the fine points of what's in your book in relation to the news, who then? You are the one who can come up with a perspective and act on it (Now! Please! While the news is still fresh!).

Or, if you have a publicist, it is up to you to contact him or her and let him know about the opportunity that has arisen.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to read the newspaper every day with your book in mind. I know you can find at least one glorious tie-in to your book in any given week.

Happy promoting! And yes, writing and editing, too!

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  1. As always! Excellent advice!

    And since I have not yet written a book, I always try to think of a way that your advice still works, because I know how on target you always are.

    Today, I thought about the job market, and how I really need to see how my skills, the ones I know I have, but that aren't always visible (or promoted), can fit into a job description.

    I know I need to widen my search and think outside of the proverbial box, but often I don't. It's like I'm stuck on my own version of Valentine's Day for talent!

    So I take this to heart, and I will look again at what I know are my strengths and stop trying to pretzel myself into jobs I think I could maybe possibly do, and start with my talents first.

    For instance, what I love to do is very simple, and I've been tossing it aside thinking that my job/career had to have everything to do with my "degree," but that's not working, so I think I need to listen to the inklings of passion and just go for it.

    Thanks for the inspiration today! I surely needed it!

  2. Nicole, thank you for your comment. I'm glad to see you return to this blog in spite of "not yet having written a book." It is obvious you are a writer, anyway. And writing fits so well into most careers. Glad you found a little inspiration here, too!
    Carolyn (-:

  3. Thanks so much for your expertise! You are helping re-educate a writer who's been in the business long enough that it's a whole new world when it comes to marketing and promotion. I just read half your FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER yesterday, and I'm overflowing with ideas. My 35th book comes out this month, and I'm seeing there's so much more to do than just the websites, and even the blogs.

  4. Kristi, I think you are a first time visitor. Welcome! And thank you. Yes, more than a website and blog but those are surely a great start and a major part of your overall campaign. (-:

    You may also want to visit www.thefrugaleditor.blogspot.com.

    I'm off to visit your blog right now. (-:



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