Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm Dizzy with Amazon's Carnival Ride Widgets

Amazon has just added a new widget authors or people with other products for sale on Amazon to use in their promotion. In case you didn't know a widget is a cute ad-like thing that visitors to your website or blog or wherever can click to buy your book. If you belong to Amazon's Associate Program you can also earn a little commission with each book you sell from any of Amazon's widgets. Each click doesn't give you much but it can add up.

I chose a widget that is Ferris wheel-shaped to show you what it looks like. I chose the narrow configuration so it fits in the space allotted on my blog template. You can see it in the left column of this blog. For those reading this blog by RSS feed you'll find that blog at www.SharingwithWriters.blogspot.com. It is on the left pretty close to the top. Note that there are arrows at the bottom of the Ferris Wheel to help you turn it so you can see all my books. Notice also that some of the books (as they turn around and around for you!) appear to be duplicates. That's because some of them are available for Amazon's new Kindle Reader.

You can also choose a carousel shape rather than a Ferris wheel. That's just a fatter rectangular shape and products go around in a circle horizontally rather than vertically. Here's where you go to get started and it is pretty darn user-friendly. http://widgets.amazon.com/Amazon-Carousel-Widget/.

Now, I know (putting it mildly) that lots of people are mad at Amazon. Make that I know a lot more people than ever before are mad at Amazon. I understand. But Amazon is a powerhouse that can't be ignored. So, I promise you my take on their new policy toward publishers that use POD technology as soon as l have a better grasp on how it will effect you.

In the meantime, don't go changing all of your links away from Amazon. If you wish, add another--one of Amazon's online competitors -- but don't erase the old links. I just don't see how doing that can serve your best interest.

Happy writing, editing and promoting!

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