Friday, February 01, 2008

Unsolicited, Unexpected Valentine for Me and for You!

This is from my coming Sharing with Writers newsletter. I know Nancy meant to spread her Valentine wishes among all the writers who come together to help one another so I'm including my blog visitors, too. To subscribe to Sharing with Writers newsletter, send me an e-mail with SUBSCRIBE in the subject window.

Dear Blog Subscribers and Visitors:

A very simple wish of love for Valentine's Day. Love comes in many forms. I am passing this note from one of my associates on to you. I hope you will take advantage of the offer, but I also hope you will see the spirit intended and do something lovely and loving for someone other than the people you always send your love to. Choose someone to surprise! And ask them to keep passing the love around.

Here is the note:

Hello Carolyn's Devoted Readers -

With Valentine's Day coming up, I just wanted to write something from my heart about Carolyn Howard Johnson. I believe Carolyn is a gift to all writers. She is someone who is there when you need her, shares endlessly, and gives bountiful advice. The real deal. And I feel so very fortunate to have her on my Spirited Woman advisory board you have no idea. Thanks doesn't begin to cover it. She is my cherished

So I want to give back to Carolyn through you - her readers. I've never done this before. I'm offering all of you a Valentine's present in her honor. I founded the Spirited Woman tele-chat Conversation Series a few years ago. Janet Fitch, Fannie Flagg, plus countless other famous women authors have been my guests. This year our line-up is fantastic:

The series begins on March 4. Carolyn's chat is on June 3, 10 am PST. All chats are $15. My Valentine's offer to you is sign up BEFORE February 14th, and I will make Carolyn's conversation a gift to you. All other conversations (upcoming or in our MP3 library of past guests) will be only $10 each before February 14th. That's a great savings. All you have to do is e-mail me at: and let me know your choices.

Happy Valentine's Day.
All my best,
Nancy Mills,
Founder, The Spirited

I guess you can all tell that my heart was warmed by this unsolicited gesture, and that she included all of you in it, too!

Happy writing, promoting and, yes, editing, too!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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