Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Special Coaching Offer and New-Author Basics from Terese Morrow

Five Nonaggressive Way to Promote Your Book

by Teresa Morrow

During the time you are writing your book, you can begin to coordinate ways to increase the online exposure for your book. By starting the process while you are writing the book, it gives your potential readers to get to know you and for you to find, gain and connect with more of your potential readers. You know, you don’t normally buy from people you don’t know, right? Well, neither do your potential readers. So below are five ways to increase your online exposure for your book while you are stilling writing it.

1) Online Newsletter or E-zine-When you create a website or blog, you can also include a monthly or biweekly newsletter (also known as an e-zine). An ezine allows a visitor to your website or blog the opportunity to sign up to receive updates, news and articles about you and your writing. A few of the online newsletter services are iContact ( , Aweber ( and Constant Contact (

2) Internet Radio Show – If you are a people person and know you have plenty of content to share about the subject of your book, you can host your own radio show. Two of the top internet radio show platforms are Blog Talk Radio ( and

3) Article Marketing – Put your writing skills and talent to the test and write articles about your subject or about the genre of your book. You can submit them to article directories such as Ezine articles (, idea marketers ( and Amazines (

4) Social Media – Some may say that the use of social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook for business is just a craze or fad that will go away, but, it is currently one of the fastest ways to gain awareness for your book than ever before. These sites allow your potential readers instant access to you and what you are up to in your world. Don’t be shy, go sign up for your own account at Twitter ( and Facebook ( today.

5) Blogging – Again, you are a writer so use your talent every where you can online to allow more people to know who you are as a writer. A blog used to be used for just personal journaling but these days blogs are used for business and as an author, your writing is your business. You can blog about the characters in your book, your experiences as a writer, or your thoughts about the publishing industry. Two of the more popular blogging platforms are Wordpress ( or Blogger (

By taking the time while you are writing your book to use the listed above to increase exposure for your book, these connections becomes natural and organic instead of pushy and aggressive. Each of these are allow the reader to get to know you on their terms and read at their leisure more about you and your book. Once a reader gets to know and like you, then they will wish to purchase from you.
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