Monday, April 19, 2010

"Extra Innings" with Marshall Cook: A New Resouce for Writers and Readers

Finding a person knowledgeable in literature who has the time to support emerging authors is never an easy thing. I've found one in Marshall J. Cook. The calls himself "the coach." A retired professor, he continues to publish works by writers of all kinds in his Extra Innings journal. You'll find the fourth issue (February) at As it happens, this one includes a poem by one of my faithful subscribers, Norma Sundberg. But more about the journal. It's sure to be a resource writers can use regularly for submissions. When published, one they can proudly refer to as having been published there. And one readers who love good literature or who want to write better will enjoy. Here is more on Marshall and his journal.

From Extra Innings, the free journal associated with the University of Wisconsin at Madison's Continuing Studies program. It is sponsored by University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Studies and edited by Marshall J. Cook, the “Coach.”

"Extra Innings is a place for sharing your news and views on writing and publishing. Fiction and nonfiction writers, poets, screenwriters, editors—anybody who loves writing and publishing—is welcomed. Each newsletter is filled with tips, funny stuff, wisdom, and camaraderie.

"Created by Marshall J. Cook, Extra Innings replaces his long-running Creativity Connection, which retired when Marshall retired from teaching in 2009. Copies of Creativity Connection are also available in the archives on the Extra Innings page.

Marshall loves to hear from you. He’s always looking for potential contributors, columnists, and creative sorts to weigh in with news and opinions. You’ll find his contact information in each newsletter. You can visit this web page each month to download a new edition of Extra Innings, or subscribe to receive notification by email when a new issue is ready. To subscribe, simply send a blank e-mail message to:

Marshall's old Creativity Connection archived issues will also soon be posted on the entry page to Extra Innings.

Marshall wants you to put Extra Innings into your writing life.

I think it would be only smart! (-:

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