Monday, October 12, 2009

Book Launch Specialist Offers Do-It-Yourself Program at Fraction of the Cost

I have been working with Denise Cassino and Dr. Anna Maria Prezio on book launches for some time. I have been impressed with their program but didn't recommend it to you because it wasn't exactly frugal to have them do it for you (though certainly worth the expense!). Now they have made this program available to you in a do-it-yourself format to help you turn your books, products and services into #1 bestsellers on Amazon and because it teaches you to do it yourself, it costs a fraction of what their full service program costs. I knew you'd want to find out more, so I've copied their note below!

Dear Friends,

My co-creator, Denise Cassino and I have been teasing you on Twitter, Facebook and other social media about our new exceptional program on how to become a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. Well, the time has come to unveil this happy and extraordinary event. I know you’re busy but take a look at how your passion, your talent and your vision can become a reality…

. You’ve dreamed of becoming a #1 Bestseller

. You’ve thought to yourself, ‘My book should be a #1 Bestseller!’

. I want to tell the world about how powerful my book is but I just don’t know where to begin.

Forget your frustration because the answer to fulfilling your vision is here, and now…Take a listen to our intro to ‘8 Keys to Your #1 Bestseller’ and learn how to move forward! It’s a free intro to our 9-PART AUDIO SERIES, YOUR #1 BESTSELLER, and it will tell you how we can help you press that Bestseller sticker onto your book covers. This short overview will help you create Your #1 Bestseller Campaign! Check out the SYLLABUS, too, and you’ll see how comprehensive this program is! Go to Click here to view more detailsto learn more.

Denise Cassino has launched numerous authors, products & services to a #1 bestseller status on Amazon. It's not rocket science; it's a formulated plan that, when followed, will position you to hit #1 on your launch day.

Don’t wait! Do it now!

You know that being a #1 Bestseller can open doors. My own #1 Bestseller (the campaign took place on May 12 and was coordinated by Denise) for Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster has opened so many doors for me. I will soon be announcing a television series on a major network as a result of becoming a #1 Bestselling author. And that’s just one example of what the campaign has done for me. I’ve been asked to partner up with the top internet celebrities in my field. I’ve been asked to speak, have done TV interviews and major am radio shows--which are sometimes even more than I can actually handle--and my expert status has shot through the roof. Last week I shot a 15 minute segment for a brand new TV Pilot in Newport Beach.

Yes. All of this has happened since I became a #1 Bestselling author so I am proof that it works. Other #1 Bestselling authors have received Immediate offers from major publishers both domestic and international when they hit #1 status. Waiting for you is the amazing Rock Star Recognition that most of us crave. Each day that you wait, you are losing money, speaking engagements, publicity, visibility and most importantly, the ability to touch people’s lives.

Now is your time! Anyone with a vision and a plan can have a #1 Bestseller! Let us help you get there. Click here to view more details

Let us show you right now how it can be done and the exciting ways that having a #1 Bestseller can change your life! We will give you the secrets and tools you need to achieve your dream!

This program is a 9-week program that walks you through the campaign, step-by-step, teaching you how to choose your categories, build your website, find partners, write press releases, maximize you’re amazon profile and page and much, much more! Each week you'll receive homework and personalized coaching to answer all of your questions as you go. We want you to have the same amazing success that others have achieved at the affordable price of $297!

Click here to view more details now and take the plunge! You'll never be sorry!

Big Blessings,
Dr. Anna Maria Prezio
Bestselling author of Confessions of a Feng Shui Ghost-Buster, Marketing Guru and Feng Shui Master
Denise Cassino, JV Specialist and Book Launch Specialist

PS: You'll note that I am one of those who offer bonuses for those who buy this launch program. You know I do not take this kind of endorsement lightly. Do let me know how you progress with it and do know that your Frugal Book Promoter can also help you with essentials of the program, like writing professional media releases and more.

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