Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Gift for You and Example of a Holiday Promotion. . .

. . . all rolled into one. So, here is a gift for everone, but for writers it's two gifts because it's also an idea for your holiday promoiton.

I am participating in Recipes and Writing 2008 compiled by Gregory A. Kompes ( for Fabulist Flash Publishing. It includes recipes, stories, essays and poems and TaDa!! recipes from authors.

Yes, it's a gift from Writerpreneur Gregory and those of us who contributed, but it is also an example of a wonderful cross promotion that you might try. Those of you who have known me for a long time will remember Cooking by the Book. Find it at along with other free e-books. This is a concept much like Cooking by the Book, and that one has served some of my promotional needs for years now. This one will, too!

You'll find it Recipes and Writing 2008 here,, but you can also just e-mail me ( and I'll send you the pdf, especially if you'd like to use it for your own holiday greeting.

We authors will send this book--or one we've produced ourselves-- to friends, family and colleagues and it's better, by far, than a simple card because of recipes like Ben Malisow's Bachelor Steak—Reduce Mess and Impress, Leslie E. Hoffman's Mom's Sweet Potato Pudding and a tribute to my mom, Birdie's Chocolate Cherry Nut Cake with 7 minute "Icing."

Participants will also put it into our newsletters. We'll offer the gift on our blogs (you blog readers are valued colleagues, after all!), or it might be offered as a gift when people buy a book or as an incentive for them to sign up for your newsletter. This year you may use this one, next year you may decide to do something of your own.

PS: You'll find more information on using e-books to promote and the story of how Cooking by the Book came about in something like 2001 in The Frugal Book Promoter: How To Do What Your Publisher Won't along with lots of ways to use books like this and tips for using them.

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